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21. 06. 06
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Smiths Detection

Incidents and emergencies happen when we least expect them. To ensure that your company is well equipped to face these scenarios, companies need to perform regularly scheduled inspections.  The problem that usually happens or is  occasionally observed is that humans make mistakes, and that is the thing that cannot be avoided. Relying on human inspection alone can spell trouble for your company’s employees and clients. That job could cost a lot of money, and the workforce from a human could be a waste of time.  The inspection devices suppliers Kuwait is one of the best alternatives for your safety.

In today’s fast-paced industry, you will need to install inspection devices from top inspection devices suppliers Kuwait.  Hire one of the leading inspection and detection devices suppliers today and see a marked difference!

MESC Security & Safety Equipment is your #1 inspection device suppliers Kuwait. Here at MESC, we offer world-class inspection and detection devices.

We understand your security needs better than our competition. MESC is recognized as among the top inspection and detection devices suppliers in Kuwait. Our inspection devices are crafted to perform with the highest accuracy and precision in the industry.

We are globally recognized as one of the leading inspection devices and detection device suppliers. Each inspection device undergoes the strictest levels of testing, from the manufacturing stage right to its delivery. We ensure that every product we endorse to every business establishment will be worth every cent of your money.

Available Inspection Devices

Mail Scanner

MESC mail scanners will scan all mail for harmful chemicals, bombs, illegal drugs, weapons, and other deadly materials. Once they detect a threat, an alarm will sound off to alert security personnel. It’s that easy.

Walkthrough Metal Detectors

MESC walkthrough metal detectors provide state-of-the-art detection security right at your entranceway. Thanks to modern technology, our detectors screen seemingly undetectable threats with exceptional discrimination.

Are you looking for more? MESC walkthrough metal detectors perform without compromise amidst high flow rates and external electromagnetic interference. Walkthrough metal detectors can be seen in some inspection devices suppliers Kuwait.

Portable X-ray Devices

Unparalleled operational performance in one convenient device.

Gone are days when security meant sacrificing convenience. MESC Portable X-Ray devices offer maximum efficiency in an easy-to-transport format. Get high-frequency technology right at the palm of your hands.

Under Vehicle Imaging System (UVIS)

For years, MESC has been at the forefront of scanning technology innovation. MESC Under Vehicle Imaging System (UVIS) satisfies the most uncompromising demand in the business. Our robust system scans blind spots, allowing you to get clear, sharp images live with no delays.

X-ray Conveyor

Versatile, exceptional, and innovative, MESC X-Ray conveyors harness the power of the x-ray imaging system to detect unwarranted objects. Our innovative, one-of-a-kind design allows for detection even in the most tightly packed objects.

No more challenging product flows. No more giveaways. Just maximum security.


With our unmatched attention to detail, we have amassed a diverse network of clientele. MESC inspection and detection devices have reached the doorsteps of hotels, oil companies, and others. We also work closely with government entities to intensify security in airports.