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Road Blocker, mantar bariyer, crash test, bariyer, yol bloğu

 Road blockers are security systems able to preventing any type of damage. It is used to ensure the security controls of entry and exit in places as military areas, public institutions and organizations, consulates, banks, factories, workplaces and organizations. who attach great importance to safety. In case of necessery it can be used with cork or arm barriers, guaranteeing maximum safety in case of risk of damage. It gives a warning signal when it goes up and down, and a strong siren alert in case of emergency. The fixed and automatic retractable bollards, In the absence of energy or for maintenance purposes, it can be raised by using a hand pump and lowered by a manual valve. With the automatic mode, the roads blocker is automatically raised up once the vehicle has passed. Road blockers are compatible with all access control systems, as manual control and remote control. Road blockers are barrier systems that can be produced in the desired dimensions according to the length of the road, designed for safety reasons and. İt doesn't allow the unwanted passage of vehicles. They have very durable structure.