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Audiovisual (AV) is electronic media possessing both a sound and a visual component, such as slide-tape presentations, films, television programs, corporate conferencing, and live theater productions.  Audiovisual service providers frequently offer web streaming, video conferencing, and live broadcast services.  Computer-based audiovisual equipment is often used in education, with many schools and universities installing projection equipment and using interactive whiteboard technology.



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Digital Signage & IPTV | Alpha Video & Audio

Internet Protocol Television or IPTV system and digital signage system is a system that digitizes TV signals to deliver television content using internet protocol technology. Instead of the traditional reception of TV programs through broadcast signals, the television content is streamed through the internet connection. This gives the viewer more options to choose programs to watch since it is the same as browsing the web, unlike in the traditional system, which only shows a few TV channels.

There are three kinds of IPTV systems: Live IPTV, Time-shifted IPTV, and Video on Demand (VOD). The first kind, which is Live IPTV, as the name implies, allows the viewers to stream television content in real-time since it is broadcasted live over the internet. The second kind, which is the Time-shifted IPTV, enables the viewer to rewind or watch a recording of a live TV program. It works by having the television content recorded and stored in a storage medium for later viewing after the live broadcast. Lastly, the third kind, which is the Video on Demand, can be best explained by merely mentioning Netflix. It is a kind of service wherein viewers have a wide range of TV programs and movies that they can watch anywhere provided that they pay for the subscription and an internet connection is available.

On the other hand, a digital signage system is a system wherein the content to be distributed is centrally controlled. That is, several displays are interconnected to a central server that transmits the required information. This results in the distribution of the content to one or many screens or displays. It makes the content distribution and advertising of data more convenient and more manageable.


Digital signage systems are typically used in public places, including transportation terminals, restaurants, hotels, museums, corporate buildings, etc. It is a technological solution in relaying various information such as live weather, wayfinding, menus, flights, merchandising, outdoor advertising, and others focused on a targeted audience.

MESC Equipment is an IPTV system supplier and a digital signage system supplier that offers advanced solutions that can help businesses in setting up whichever digital system service they need. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for queries.


Necessary Components for Building an IPTV System and Digital Signage System

  • Satellite Dishes
  • Low-noise block downconverter (LNB)
  • Head End Unit that consists of IP Streamers
  • Network Switch that supports Video Stream
  • Set-top Box
  • Video on Demand (VOD) Server
  • Maintenance on Demand (MOD) Server
  • Software

Typical Applications of an IPTV System and Digital Signage System

  • Hotels
  • Banks
  • Hospitals

Who We Are

MESC Equipment had already provided technological solutions and services to various businesses in Kuwait. We have already provided our digital services to multiple clients across the country. Our satisfied clients are a testimony to this claim. If you are looking for advanced solutions for an IPTV system and digital signage system in Kuwait, don’t hesitate to contact us. We guarantee that at MESC, we can level up your business by providing digital services to improve your advertising methods or any other application you wish to use these systems.

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securityworldtech.com – Security World Tech is one of the East African  Region's leading suppliers of integrated access control systems, offering  an extensive range of readers, controllers and software systems.

Security is probably one of the most important factors we look after when it comes to our residential and commercial properties, and simply having CCTV cameras and high-technology locks do not guarantee complete and absolute security. That is why having intercom systems Kuwait contributes greatly to having a secure facility.

Intercom systems do not only provide a smooth flow of communication between two distantly located individuals, but it also helps keep your premises protected from possible external threats, providing you with peace of mind even when you need to be away for a certain time.

MESC is one of the best home intercom systems Kuwait suppliers, with excellent intercom systems that will ensure better security for your residential properties. Not only that; they also provide commercial intercom systems in Kuwait, making them one of the best office intercom systems suppliers in the country. 

Advantages Of An Intercom System

Investing on an excellent security system for your home or office is one of the best steps to ensure safety. Aside from this, here are other reasons why having an intercom system is a great security measure for your residential and commercial properties:

  • It helps property owners identify and verify everyone who comes in and out of their facilities.
  • It helps property owners prohibit trespassers from accessing their properties.
  • It provides both audio and video control for anyone who accesses the entrance and exit from the premises.
  • It provides a high level of convenience in managing your properties.
  • It makes the exchange of long-distance communication more accessible and more efficient.
  • It helps prevent trespassing and robbery incidents to a great extent.

MESC provides a wide variety of choices from an intercom system with voice only to an intercom system with voice and video with the option for connection with the access control system. They also specify the type of system that is ideal with customers’ needs while at the same time considering their allocated budget.

Basic Components

Basic Components of the Intercom System:

  • Calling unit (either single or multiple)
  • Handset (monitor) unit

Where can you set up an intercom system?

  • Residential properties such as single-family homes, condominiums, townhouses, cooperatives, multi-family homes, and vacant lots.
  • Commercial buildings such as office buildings, medical centers, banks, hotels, malls, retail stores, warehouses, and garages.

Being one of the most outstanding security companies, MESC makes sure that they provide products that are made of the highest quality materials to guarantee excellent services and an outstanding level of reliability. Because customer satisfaction is one of their major priorities, they assure customers that all their security systems are covered under the manufacturer warranty.

They have a customer support team that you can contact through the above-given information to attend to your queries and assist you should there exist any certain issue regarding your purchase.

MESC is with you in maintaining the best measures of safety and security for your residence and business.

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Smiths Detection

Incidents and emergencies happen when we least expect them. To ensure that your company is well equipped to face these scenarios, companies need to perform regularly scheduled inspections.  The problem that usually happens or is  occasionally observed is that humans make mistakes, and that is the thing that cannot be avoided. Relying on human inspection alone can spell trouble for your company’s employees and clients. That job could cost a lot of money, and the workforce from a human could be a waste of time.  The inspection devices suppliers Kuwait is one of the best alternatives for your safety.

In today’s fast-paced industry, you will need to install inspection devices from top inspection devices suppliers Kuwait.  Hire one of the leading inspection and detection devices suppliers today and see a marked difference!

MESC Security & Safety Equipment is your #1 inspection device suppliers Kuwait. Here at MESC, we offer world-class inspection and detection devices.

We understand your security needs better than our competition. MESC is recognized as among the top inspection and detection devices suppliers in Kuwait. Our inspection devices are crafted to perform with the highest accuracy and precision in the industry.

We are globally recognized as one of the leading inspection devices and detection device suppliers. Each inspection device undergoes the strictest levels of testing, from the manufacturing stage right to its delivery. We ensure that every product we endorse to every business establishment will be worth every cent of your money.

Available Inspection Devices

Mail Scanner

MESC mail scanners will scan all mail for harmful chemicals, bombs, illegal drugs, weapons, and other deadly materials. Once they detect a threat, an alarm will sound off to alert security personnel. It’s that easy.

Walkthrough Metal Detectors

MESC walkthrough metal detectors provide state-of-the-art detection security right at your entranceway. Thanks to modern technology, our detectors screen seemingly undetectable threats with exceptional discrimination.

Are you looking for more? MESC walkthrough metal detectors perform without compromise amidst high flow rates and external electromagnetic interference. Walkthrough metal detectors can be seen in some inspection devices suppliers Kuwait.

Portable X-ray Devices

Unparalleled operational performance in one convenient device.

Gone are days when security meant sacrificing convenience. MESC Portable X-Ray devices offer maximum efficiency in an easy-to-transport format. Get high-frequency technology right at the palm of your hands.

Under Vehicle Imaging System (UVIS)

For years, MESC has been at the forefront of scanning technology innovation. MESC Under Vehicle Imaging System (UVIS) satisfies the most uncompromising demand in the business. Our robust system scans blind spots, allowing you to get clear, sharp images live with no delays.

X-ray Conveyor

Versatile, exceptional, and innovative, MESC X-Ray conveyors harness the power of the x-ray imaging system to detect unwarranted objects. Our innovative, one-of-a-kind design allows for detection even in the most tightly packed objects.

No more challenging product flows. No more giveaways. Just maximum security.


With our unmatched attention to detail, we have amassed a diverse network of clientele. MESC inspection and detection devices have reached the doorsteps of hotels, oil companies, and others. We also work closely with government entities to intensify security in airports.

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Do you have an automatic gate barrier in your home or office? If you haven’t installed an automatic gate barrier in your office or residential space yet, then you’re missing out on a lot. An automatic gate is an excellent way to jazz up your workplace or residence.  But don’t be fooled. It’s not just a trend — automatic gates & barriers have real benefits. They act as efficient means in controlling the entry of persons and vehicles. By the automatic gate barrier, you can have the authority regarding the people who can enter and exit your premises.  With the right vision and execution, an automatic gate barrier should make driveway operations seamless and effortless.  Here at MESC, we will turn your vision into reality. As one of the leading automatic gate barrier suppliers Kuwait, we make sure you enter with ease.  MESC specializes in the production of top-notch, state-of-the-art automatic gates & barriers. Our dedication to our client’s satisfaction has secured our spot among the leading automatic gates suppliers in the industry.  Our process is easy. Just choose a design that fits your niche and we will do the rest. You choose, we create!  Our automatic gates and barriers are masterfully designed, fully functional, and easy-to-use. We guarantee you, your family, and employees that our fabrications are tailor-fit to guarantee your fulfillment.  Are you worried about installation? We’ve got that covered too. Our qualified technicians will install your gates just for you.  From the engineering stage to manufacturing, we use only the highest quality materials in the industry. World-class automatic gates suppliers like MESC do not make trade-offs. We uphold only the highest standards in quality and durability.  Just tell us what you need, and we’ll provide you with a turnkey solution that will surpass your expectations.


Available Devices

We have provided you with the different kinds of automatic gate barriers that you can choose. Take time to look for these gates barriers.

Sliding And Swinging Gates

Best for conventional and residential use, sliding and swinging gates are secure and straightforward. Our construction design is matched by none. If you’re looking for functionality without compromising aesthetics, then this one’s for you.

Barrier Gates

Deter unwanted visitors with ingenious defenses. Fortify your home or office with a barrier gate of supreme quality. MESC’s barrier gate is also an attractive option for controlling transit and access to certain areas.

Hydraulic Road Blockers

Form meets function. Our hydraulic road blockers provide anti-ram features to control high tonnage vehicle attacks. They’re robust, durable, and impenetrable—best for high-security applications.


We make traffic a breeze. MESC turnstiles should elevate the crowd control experience, even in high volume situations. Combine unique recording systems, long-lasting performance, and smooth operation all in one dependable package.


MESC Safety & Security Equipment is recognized as one of the leading automatic barriers suppliers Kuwait. Our operational equipment has graced the driveways of significant companies. If you fall under any of these categories, then you should make us your top choice:

  • Government authorities
  • Embassies
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Residenti